• Specialist in design, manufacturing and maintenance of cryogenic and liquefied gas installations

  • We work, amongst others, for..

  • Specialist in design, manufacturing and maintenance of cryogenic and liquefied gas installations

  • Proud, curious and safety-conscious

  • Proud, inquisitive and safety-conscious


Since 1954, De Visser has been specialized in the design, manufacturing and maintenance of liquefied (and cryogenic) gas installations. Besides the construction of the “De Visser” dispensers, De Visser also involves itself with filling installations for Autogas, bottle-filling installations, depots for storage, process-industrial installations for liquefied gases, pentane installations, aerosol installations, cryogenic installations and a variety of (gas) transportations means.

De Visser has a large clientele, both domestic and abroad, including clients such as ESSO, Texaco, Total, BK-Gas, Benegas, Primagaz, Shell, Gulf, AVIA, BK-Gas, Q8 Petroleum and Messer, and many more privately-owned and industrial clients and manufacturers.

Core Values

  • Proud

    Proud of what we do, have done and will do.
  • Curious

    Inquisitive makes expert.
  • Safety-conscious

    Everyone comes home safely.
  • Available

    We are 24h/7 available and prepared to act decisive and swift. We make the right solutions available in the right places at the right time. We maintain availability by knowledge transfer and by choosing preventive over corrective maintenance. Availability translates itself in sustainability, because of this we are competitive based on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO: the total cost of purchase and use over the lifetime of a product).

Mission and Vision Statement

Making sure we have the creative and innovative solutions for our clients when it comes to liquefied (and cryogenic) gas installations, without compromising on the quality and safety.

In the year of 2048 the use of liquefied and cryogenic gas is a choice for our world population. Let’s make it available and stimulate it’s use.

In other words:

Put gas on it!