ISO 9001_2015

This describes De Visser’s policy regarding quality, this is known throughout the entire organization and we aim for continuous improvement of customer satisfaction,quality of our products and services.

VCA** PetrochemicalVCA-logo

This shows De Visser’s ability to warrant safety, health and the environment during our work activities.

NPG 2578 – accepted installer for middle- and high pressure installations

Lloyd's Register logo 2013

With this certificate, it is shown that De Visser follows the PGS guidelines when it comes to placing, mounting and demounting, installing and manufacturing reservoirs; repairing, maintaining, checking and testing the piping of a middle- to high pressure LNG-, propane/butane and LPG installations. Click here for the English version.

KIWA BRL K901/3 accreditation 


This certificate is granted to an accredited installer of tanks and piping for the storage of propane, LPG, butane, DME and natural gas.

Dutch Weights and Measures Act 7c – accredited surveyor

This shows De Visser’s ability to check LPG measuring equipment on correct supply, including the removal or mounting of formal markings and seals, as stated in theNMi-logo-square

Weight and Measures Act.

Partnership with surveyor Verispect BV     


This partnership shows that De Visser complies with the requirements to survey, according to the Dutch Weights and Measures Act – with motor fuel pumps for LPG as its field.

Kenteq / teaching company for young talent  


Kenteq is a Dutch non-profit organization which was assigned by the Ministery of Education, Culture and Science as the centre of knowledge for Professional education and Business for technical sectors. This is based on the Act Education and Professional Education. De Visser is connected to this organization and following the standards set by them, De Visser is a confirmed teaching company.

Member VVG 


The VVG is the branch association Association of Liquid Gas, which aims to improve the contacts and collaboration between governments, regulatory bodies and other organizations in the field of liquid gas on a safe, environmentally-conscious, practical and technically sound way.

Member Koninklijke Metaalunie     


The Union for Metal, with more than 13000 members, is the largest entrepreneurial organization for middle- and small companies in metal works. The Union for Metal warrants a wide expertise, extended knowledge of the branch and offers a clear and result driven approach.