De Visser builds and installs underground- and above ground liquid gas installations for different purposes. With years of experience and successful innovative insights, De Visser makes the right choices when it comes to materials for tanks, pumps, compressors, evaporators and other accessories that guarantee a secure company and lower maintenance costs.

De Visser provides the following types of installations:

Skid installations
Since the sixties of the twentieth century, we have designed and manufactured so-called skid-installations: semi-mobile installations constructed for stationary use, where the storage tank, the pump unit and appendages are all built within the contour of a construction frame or container. A smart and compact construction, simple to transport and usable for different purpose and legislation.
These installations are most prominently used abroad in starting markets, in order to see whether the LPG sales at a certain location are successful.
If this is the case, a permanent installation can be build and the skid-installation can move on to the next location.
Skid-installations can be manufactured in different types, with a standard storage capacity between the 2,7 and 20 m3.

Gas installations for liquid supply
Since 1954, De Visser has manufacted stationary liquid gas installations for trans-shipment and distribution of liquid gas. Examples of this are: depots, autogas petrol stations, fork lift truck filling stations, propane bottles filling stations, aerosols factories , emergency supply systems, etc.
The sizes of these stationary installations range from 0,5 m3 up to 5000 m3 and larger storage capacities.

Gas installations for natural and forced vapor supply
De Visser has ample experience in the design and manufacturing of gas installations for vapor supply. Besides installations that use natural evaporation, De Visser also knows its way around solutions that use forced evaporation. In this way, supply capacities of more than 3000kg per hour can be accomplished.

Examples of this are:

Evaporation installation feed back / feed out
Spiral tanks, powered by central heating installation
Tank tracing
Open flame evaporation / direct fire
Catalystic tank heating

De Visser has or will find the solution for questions regarding gas, supported by experience and accomplished successes over the past 60 years. Examples of this are fire drill installations, recuperation of vaporization and liquid gas.
It goes without saying that solutions will always be supported by technical attainability, the client’s demands, requested designs and guidelines.

Cryogenic installations
De Visser designs, constructs and maintains cryogenic installations for industrial companies which use technical, pharmaceutical and human nutrition gases, like oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, and natural gas (LNG & LNG automotive) and hydrogen. Furthermore, we facilitate relocations of existing installations, its stainless steel or copper piping and the necessary electrical and pneumatic controls.

The liquid products will be stored in temperatures and pressures that vary with the function of the gas.
The size of such stationary installations vary from 0,5 m³ up to 100 m³, with one steel cylinder, a bundle or one or multiple stationary tanks.

Examples of this are:

Evaporator installations: the liquid ‘cold’ gas is made back into gas by one or multiple heat exchanger with are heated by air, then the gas is transferred to your gas distribution system and dispensers by a first stage regulator.
Filling installations for automotive: the liquid ‘cold’ gas is transferred to dispenser(s) or other applications by a stainless steel pump / submerged pump and through vacuum isolated piping.
Bunkering: LNG is one of the cleaner alternative fuels which complies with the coming strict environmental guidelines. De Visser offers solutions to safely store and bunker LNG for shipping companies in or near harbour areas.